Hot Tubs

February is the month of "love" and what a better way to celebrate Valentines Day and to enjoy the last few days of Summer than to be outside soaking in a Hot Tub!?!  And one of the best things about Hot Tubs.... you don't need a huge amount of outdoor space.  Not only are Hot Tubs perfect for personal relaxation use, they are also great for entertaining as well as making your outdoor space even more inviting to your guests.  Looking for some ways in how you can add a Hot Tub to your outdoor space?  Well look no further as we've done all the ground work for you.

Tip: To really make your Hot Tub stand out, frame the edge / walkway with a different material like timber, concrete, tiles or rubberised non-slip paint.  Just be mindful of the choice of material and how smooth it is as you don't want the surface surrounding your Hot Tub to become too slippery.  And to give your Hot Tub a more clean slim-line look, either place it in-ground (this will also give your outdoor area the feeling of more space) or if above-ground hide it in a boxed frame (to give it a more solid structural look).


Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Modesty White


Dulux Lexicon Half



Colorbond Surfmist


Haymes Soothe


Haymes Greyology 7


Dulux Grid


Tredgrip Rubberised Non Slip



Crommelin Timber Restorer &



Dulux Exterior Tuscan Textures



Milton & King Kemra Tilt Slab

KEM039W Wallpaper


Milton & King Kemra Rustic Wood

Panels KEM059W Wallpaper


Zepel Metal Plate 12-Plaza




Images sourced from Pinterest

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