Home Theatres

Whether you are building or renovating, a Home Theatre is often one of those rooms many of us dream about.  If you already have a Home Theatre or adding one to your home, there are several things you want to consider.  Of course you want your Home Theatre to look good, but you also want it to be practical.  Choice of lighting, warm under foot flooring and comfortable seating is a must for any Home Theatre.  You want dimmable lighting and no direct lighting over your big screen as the last thing you want is light glare ruining your viewing.  And since you'll be spending hours at a time in your Home Theatre you want to make sure you are comfortable so correct choice of seating is also important as too is flooring.  If you prefer hard floors for your Home Theatre consider your choice of material and opt for something that absorbs sound and don't forget about adding a floor rug to your seating area for warmth and that extra bit of comfort. 

Tip: The big question everyone asks when choosing paint colours for their Home Theatre is "do I paint my walls dark or keep them light?"  If you'll be spending day time in your Home Theatre then you'll want to create a dark environment by blocking out natural daylight.  Then this is when keeping your walls dark is the way to go and make sure you have solid block out window treatments if you have windows in the room to darken the room as much as you can.  But if you mainly use your Home Theatre at night, then dark walls aren't as important, so you can keep the walls lighter if you'd prefer.  Dark ceilings are also another way to create some darkness in your room.  And remember less is more.  If your Home Theatre is mainly made of blank walls and not much furniture more than comfy seating and you want to create a feature wall, make sure where you choose to have your feature won't affect your viewing - you don't want to have an overly busy feature wall where your big screen is as you'll probably find it very distracting while watching your favourite TV show or movie. 

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Dulux Snowy Mountains

Haymes Pale Mushroom 2

Haymes Refuge 5

Porters Leaden

Porters Squid Ink

Haymes The Dom

Dulux Theatre Black

Intergrain Enviropro Endure
High Build Polyurethane

Porters Aqua Satin
Enamel Black Base

Feather Stripe Eco Chic 2
EC50910 Wallpaper


Vision 514476
Factory 3 Rasch Wallpaper


Concrete Panel Modern
Foundation IR70900 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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