Hollywood Glamour

Most of us dream of being a Hollywood star and living a glamourous life.  Although many of us are far from reaching this dream, you can still make your dream feel that bit closer by adding this style to your interior.

Hollywood is all about sparkle, shine, glitz and glimmer.  Think diamonds, mirrors, lights, velvet, metallics and standing out from the crowd.  We've found 3 ways how you can incorporate that bit of Hollwood Glamour into your own home.


Love creating drama?  Black, white and dark greys will do exactly this.  Add some metallics for softness and here you have a classic Hollywood Glamour interior.  Touches of a bold contrasting colour like red also works well with this scheme.




If you are more of an angel and prefer everything white, silver, gold and neutral then this style of Hollywood Glamour is more you.  Try adding other soft textures like feathers and fur to your decor to really make your interior that slice of heaven.




Pastel colours also work well to create Hollywood Glamour and the perfect option if you like colour.  Here are some ways to use pastels to create Hollywood Glamour in your interior.


Now that you're inspired, it's easy to add some Hollywood Glamour to your own interior.  Dulux have Metallic & Pearl paints in their Design Collection available in a range of colours to help complete this look.  Wanting to wallpaper instead?  Then check out our wallpapers & Murals that are Hollywood inspired:

Dulux Metallic & Pearl Paint




Komar 14 Mural - Moments 1-609


Art of Living 49420

Milton & King Kemra Amityville KEM024W

Milton & King Kemra Hunting Lace KEM013W


Images courtesy of Pinterest