Add Pattern to your Space with Herringbone........

Are you finding your space is lacking some interest? Then why not add Herringbone!? This versatile pattern can be used in many styles and in many ways from flooring, walls and furniture and can be created using various materials such as tiles, bricks, timbers and pavers. And if you are wanting to create more interest, then think about using slightly different toned timbers or tiles and stagger these amongst your Herringbone for even more variation and pattern. Or if you are wanting to go more plain and want your Herringbone to be a subtle feature with a less is more approach, then opt for keeping it all the same colour. It'll still bring a three dimensional feel to your space compared to a painted feature wall and without looking too busy and over powering.

Tip: If choosing an overall busy Herringbone pattern, it's best then to keep the rest of your scheme plain and simple. You don't want to over do your space with too many patterns and too many lines as it'll take the eye away from your Herringbone. Wherever you choose to have your Herringbone (i.e. wall or floor) it's best for any pieces going on or against the Herringbone to be in a slightly contrasting colour to help highlight the Herringbone. If you choose the same colour in your pieces as your Herringbone you'll find it'll all blend in and you'll lose the impact of the Herringbone.

If you are painting your Herringbone pattern and it's on your walls, it's best to stick to a hard wearing and chip resistant paint such as a water based enamel. No matter the surface, you'll have to undercoat it first with a suitable undercoat before applying the water based enamel (to make sure your top coats adhere to the surface correctly). If you are unsure which products to use on your surface, call us on 0450 602 891 or send us an email to and we'll be able to put in the the right direction for preparation and correct top coat products.

Check out these stunning ideas how you can add Pattern to your Space with Herringbone.......

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Snow White

Dulux Casper White 1/4

Dulux Grey Pail

Haymes Copen Blue

Porters Squid Ink

Dulux Domino

Dulux Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer

Cabots Cabothane Clear Matt Water Based

Dulux Aquanamel Low Gloss

Structure Chevron Wood IR51707 Wallpaper

Zebra Chevron Eco Chic 2 EC51208 Wallpaper

Feather Stripe Eco Chic 2 EC50910 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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