Golden Accents

Modern Interiors can sometimes feel a little cold and sterile.  An easy way to add some warmth to a modern space is by adding some Golden Accents and it doesn't necessary mean you have to break the bank to create this look.  Think of adding hints of Gold in the form of furniture, decor, lighting, tapware, tiles, wallpaper or even paint a small feature within your room using Gold paint.  Golden Accents not only instantly warm your space, but can also give your room the feeling of more luxury and sophistication.  And if you really want to highlight your Golden Accents, then think about teaming your Gold back with gem like tones such as green, blue, red or if you prefer a more calming look add soft tones of pinks, blues, greys and beiges.  If you prefer to keep your colour palette neutral then black as well as white works well with Golden Accents and for materials working back with Gold think marble, timber, concrete, velvet, leather and other lush fabrics.

Tip: The choice of correct lighting and how your Gold appears in your space is important when using Golden Accents in your room.  Consider using warm lighting instead of cooler as this will enhance the warmth of your Gold and show it in its true colour.  There are various tones of Gold from rose gold, yellow gold, old gold through to bronze.  Once you have chosen the Gold you prefer, try to stick to having all your Accents in the same tone of Gold to make this look work.  You don't want to over power the gold otherwise you'll end up over complicating your space and cheapening your overall look.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Whisk

Dulux White Verdict 1/2

Dulux Ellen

Porters Nude

Haymes Revitalise

Haymes Royal Blue

Dulux Gold
Effect Paint

Metylan Special Heavy Duty
Wallpaper Adhesive 200g

Porters Aquagild
Exterior Gold

Eijffinger Reflect 378012
Metallic Wallpaper


Vallila Glasshouse 90274
Metallic Wallpaper


Komar 15 Mural
Gold 8-703

Images sourced from Pinterest

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