Go Modern with Modern Architecture..... Exterior

Looking at building a new home or renovating your current home?  Why not go Modern with Modern Architecture!  We've found some Modern exterior ideas to get you inspired.  We may not all be able to afford a brand new home or to renovate, but hey.... there is nothing wrong with dreaming!

Black & White

Having problems selecting a colour scheme for your Modern home?  Then why don't you go simple with Black & White!  You can still make a statement and highlight certain features with a darker shade like black and this too can create some drama to your exterior.  When selecting White Paint colours, just make sure you look at samples outside in the sunlight and in the shade.  Be mindful that some Whites that are brighter can become glarey in the sunlight.  One White that is a no fail White is Colorbond Surfmist.  This has enough tint in it to give you great coverage as well as toning down the glare factor.

Work with Nature

If you have the privilege to be building or renovating in the hills, near a lake or with a large tree on your block, why not work with nature and build this into your architecture! 

Mix materials

Tired of plain rendered homes?  Mixing materials with render is a great way to add interest to any exterior as well as add some warmth.  Timber is a great material to use to add warmth, whereas tiles and stone add colour and texture. If mixing materials, try to keep your render colour neutral and nothing too colourful as you want the added material to be the hero and to become the feature.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.