Make your space shine with Gloss Enamel.......

Gloss Enamel is far more hard wearing than your standard wall paint. Enamel paints are chip resistant so perfect for those high traffic areas such as architraves, doors, furniture, wall tiles and anything else prone to knocks and tears. Gloss enamels are more glossy than wall paints, making it the ideal choice when you are wanting high reflection to your surface. Just remember if you do have any surface imperfections such as dents or uneven surfaces, these will be highlighted due to the high gloss.

Gloss Enamels are available in oil based as well as water based. Water based Enamels don't yellow or change colour over time like oil based do and water based Enamels are far more easier to apply and clean up than the traditional oil based Enamels. Gloss Enamel paint is suitable for both interior and exterior and is available pretty much in any paint colour so the options are really endless. And for something different, Gloss Enamels are now being applied to ceilings and walls for that instant shine and wow factor. To really create impact within a space, think about using a bright or bold colour for your Gloss Enamel. Colours always seem to look brighter and come to life more in a gloss, so go wild with your colour and your shine.

Tips: If you are applying a water based Enamel over an oil based Enamel, you will need to use a special undercoat to create adhesion as water based doesn't stick over oil based. First step is to scruff up the surface using sand paper or a scourer. Once the surface has been dusted down, then apply one coat of a special primer such as Dulux Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer. This primer / undercoat will stick to pretty much anything including tiles, glass, laminate etc. Allow the Dulux Maximum Strength Adhesion Primer to dry for 24 hours before applying 2 top coats of your chosen water based Enamel. Since Gloss Enamels are high in gloss, it's always best to use a fine nap roller such as a 4mm microfibre roller cover or even a spray gun to give you a smoother finish as sometimes brush marks will appear if using a brush.

Check out these ideas in how you can make your space shine with Gloss Enamel.......

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Dulux Lexicon Half

Haymes Greyology 4

Porters Currarong

Haymes Pelargonium

Dulux Mid Brunswick

Colorbond Night Sky

Dulux Precision Maximum Strength
Adhesion Primer

Porters Aqua Gloss Enamel

Dulux Aquanamel Gloss

Eijffinger Reflect 378001 Metallic
(Silver) Wallpaper

Feather Stripe Eco Chic 2
EC50910 Wallpaper

Rasch Modern Art 309324
Metallic Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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