Glass Rooms

Everyone loves natural daylight and a great way to bring the outdoors in is through glass.  If you are renovating or building, then think about the type of windows you are going to select and ways in how you can add glass to your rooms.  Windows don't always need to be used just for exterior walls - why not add some glass in your ceilings, or some glass walls internally to allow more light into darkened areas and to make even more of a statement.  We have found some clever designs in how you can add more natural light to your rooms with glass.

Tip: If you have busy landscaping outside or amazing views then try to keep your interiors quite simple so the outside becomes the focus.  Think of selecting neutral paint colours or choose paint colours that reflect what is happening outside.


Create these looks yourself with these paint colours & products:

Haymes White on White


Dulux Natural White

Colorbond Surfmist

Dulux White Duck

Haymes Eclipse


Haymes Intrigue

Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen


Porters Aqua Satin Enamel Black


Crommelin Timber Restorer & Sealer

Komar Into Illusions Mural - Penthouse 8-916

Komar Into Illusions Mural - Malibu 8-956

Komar Into Illusions Mural - Belle Vuy XXL4-015

Images sourced from Pinterest

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