Garage Doors

The choice and colour of a Garage Door is one concern for many when they are building or renovating.  We are often asked what colour Garage Door they should choose.  If working to a budget and it's a new door being installed, then it's best to choose a powdercoated door and one from the Colorbond Range as this will be the cheapest option.  But if you are selecting on design as opposed to price, then the options are endless especially if you are wanting your Garage Door to be a real feature to your facade.  Whether to highlight the Garage Door by a contrasting colour to the rest of the house is another asked question and it really comes down to the look and feel of your facade and what you are wanting to become a focal point.  If you already have many materials on your facade (i.e. brick, stone, timber, metal etc), then sometimes it is best to keep your Garage Door plain and to blend in with the rest of the house.  Placement of your Garage is also important when deciding if to make the Door a feature as if this is the only part of your facade guests will see, then you may want to make the Door more of a feature to add interest to your exterior. 

Tip: When selecting render colour for the main walls of your exterior, we suggest to decide on the Garage Door first and then the render colour.  This is really important if opting for a Colorbond Door as the Colorbond Range isn't as extensive in choice when it comes to render colour.   Once the Garage Door Colour has been selected, it is then easier to finalise on the render colour (tone, strength of colour etc).  If you don't want the Garage Door to be a feature, then paint the render the same Colorbond Colour as the Door, or a tone similar but slightly darker or lighter for subtle contrast.  But if you are wanting to highlight the Garage Door, you'll then know how dark or light and tone you'll need to select to create an obvious contrast between the two.  Even if painting your Garage Door, the Colorbond Range is a good source to start with to look at colours as if you do then decide to replace your old Garage Door with a new one you won't need to change your colour scheme and order a new Door in the Colorbond colour you have used to paint it.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Bombe Alaska

Porters Coconut Milk

Colorbond Surfmist

Haymes Boulder Grey

Colorbond Wallaby

Haymes Intrigue

Crommelin Timber Restorer
& Sealer

Porters Concrete Wash
Deep or Standard Base

Dulux Weathershield
Semi Gloss

Eijffinger 389550


Zepel Metal Plate 01-Pewter


Vision 446319 Factory 3
Rasch Wallpaper

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