Featured Ceilings

If you want your space to stand out from the rest then look at adding a Feature Ceiling.  Featured Ceilings are a perfect way to add interest to a room and can be quite easily achieved.  Think of adding a different texture to your ceiling such as wallpaper, metal, timber, mouldings, paint effects, brick or tile or if working to a budget then re-paint your ceiling in a bold or contrasting colour to your walls.  Featured Ceilings can be very individual and can really show off your personality as they can be customised to any taste.  You can be as daring or as subtle as you wish by your choice of materials.  Check out these endless ideas in how you can add a Featured Ceiling to your space......

Tip: Consider the shape and condition of your ceiling when choosing your type of Featured Ceiling.  If you are creating a Featured Ceiling with paint and your ceiling isn't in the best condition then look at using a flat or matt sheen level paint so the imperfections won't be highlighted.  And if wallpaper is being applied over an uneven ceiling surface, don't choose a wallpaper with too much shine or a light weight / thin wallpaper as this too will make any imperfections very noticable.  Instead choose a thick wallpaper or even an Anaglypta paintable wallpaper which are designed to hide rough surfaces and give your ceiling a smoother finish.  Otherwise cover over your existing ceiling with timber, tile, metal or brick facing for a real industrial feel and to add that extra textural element into your space.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Alpen

Porters Whisk

Haymes Grey Lake

Dulux Madame Mauve

Dulux Bosco Blue

Haymes Intrigue

Dulux Wash & Wear
Matt Ultra Deep Bases

Beeline Wallcovering

Intergrain UltraClear

Eijffinger Reflect 378040
Metallic Wallpaper


Marimekko Volume 01
Korsi Yellow Wallpaper


Komar 15 Mural
Still Life 8-999

Images sourced from Pinterest

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