Dulux Forecast 2020: Essence

Dulux have just released their new Colour Forecast for 2020: Essence.  Their Colour Forecast is the future of interiors with colour to cultivate, nurture and regenerate.  Discover your Essence with these colour palettes: "Grounded" - A simple neutral colour palette filled with plenty of warmth, "Comeback" - Colours to blend contemporary design with elegant vintage style, "Cultivate" - A tonal green palette to nurture & regenerate, "Indulge" - Cocoon yourself in this charismatic, immersive and opulent palette.  Essence lives in the heart of everything we experience and this new Dulux Forecast will lead you to the very Essence of happiness at home and at work. 

Grounded: Keep your space and life simple and clutter free with this warm textural natural palette.  Think raw natural materials in neautral tones with the addition of darker earthy tones and accents in forms of decor and accessories.  Grounded is all about warmth in a modern minimalist interior. 

Comeback: Is all about expressing our true selves and with the eclectic look and mixing vintage styles with contemporary pieces.  The colour palette is based on tonal blues and drawing inspiration from the early twentieth century with warm hints of burgundy, rust and mustard for that vintage feel.

Cultivate: Nurture, regenerate and reconnect to the elements of nature with this colour palette.  Calming, gentle greens are the main inspirations for Cultivate as well as modern Japanese minimalism which brings some other hints of colour to this scheme.

Indulge: Is all about reigniting our romance with heart and home.  Think rich cozy luxurious velvets, chenilles and fringing for that real opulent feel with an Art Deco vibe.  Reds, browns, salmons, pinks and purples make up this soothing but decadant colour palette.   

If you can't find any of these paint colours on our website, send us an email to: info@directpaint.com.au and we will happily upload the paint colour you are after.

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