Explore the latest colour trends from Dulux for 2021

Dulux have just released their new Colour Forecast for 2021 and it's based on three nuturing palettes that evoke familarity and comfort: Nourish, Reset and Retreat. These colour trends are about creating a sense of renewal whist holding on nostalgic elements in your home. "Nourish" is all about natural beauty with biophilic hues of mossy and sage greens, turmeric and citrus. "Reset" is made up of uplifting hues of blue-green and energetic reds inspired by the 70's. "Retreat" is based on stormy blues that channel tranquility, with essential whites and a touch of burgundy. 

Nourish: Capture renewed appreciation for natural beauty with buff neutrals, soft olive and muted ochre with accents of yellow and green. This nurturing palette revitalises your home and nourishes the soul. This scheme is all about layering of textures with the addition of earthy tones and the use of timber against soothing colours provides a balancing rustic feel, whilst lighter furnishings allow for a more playful use of colour. 

Reset: An energetic palette of uplifting blue-greens and reds infuse optimism into everyday living. This colour palette is made up of stronger colours and bolder tones that help lift interiors to brighten your outlook. Vibrant pops of fun retro colour hint at 70's nostalgia. "Reset" is all about an eclectic mix of old and new meshing together to create a happy space to energise your home. Personalise your space with pieces of furniture, objects and mementos to add character to your interior.

Retreat: Take solace in a tranquil palette of warm whites, brown-based neutrals and dusty blues. This colour palette is for flexible living between home and work life. "Retreat" draws on a nostalgic mix of comfort and security. Our homes were once a place for sleeping and eating and have now become a living environment of family, work and play. Earth-based hues create a harmonious setting to help with inspiration and creativity. Express yourself through accessories and inspiring artowrk. 

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