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  • Neutrals dominate interiors with subtle, earthy tones or wallpaper selected for feature walls.

  • Girls bedrooms in favourite pinks, lilacs or purples continue to be popular.

  • Reds, blues, lime green and orange are popular for boys rooms.

  • Various shades of green prove popular for non-gender nurseries.

  • Age appropriate borders and /or stickers personalises children’s bedrooms.
  • Wallpaper is the latest trend for feature walls, especially behind a TV or on the bed head wall in the master bedroom. Wallpapers have come a long way in design, construction & colours and are easier than ever to apply (and remove!).

    View our Wallpaper Advice section.

  • Remember that colours will react differently in every home & each room as lighting, natural or artificial, is unique to each area.

  • Select wallpaper, carpets, quilt covers/furniture and window treatments first when re­vamping a room. Paint is available in a multitude of colours and is the easiest and least expensive part of the whole scheme, tying the overall look together.

    View our Colour Palettes for ideas.

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  • Period home colours are not as strong as previous years. Black and charcoal grey combined with creams are heralding a change.

  • Porticos of new modern homes are defined in deeper tones of reds, purples, charcoals and browns, combined with grey and earthy camel shades for rendered walls.

  • Keep colour of eaves as light as possible to prevent a top heavy effect.

  • The front door is the main welcoming area. Use full gloss when painting to add sparkle to the home!

  • Remember that you look beyond a dark fence, but at a light fence.

  • Colours react differently outside depending on the orientation of the home.

    View our Colour Palettes for ideas.

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Colour Consultations

Need extra help choosing colours inside or outside the home? Need help with decorating your business or office? We offer an affordble colour consultation service by professional Interior Designers.

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