Create your own Home Office

Our lives certainly have changed since Covid-19 and many of us are now working from home.  But not everyone has a Home Office or a space set aside for working from home or for studying.  Many living and house expenses can be claimed through tax if you are working from home, however in order to do so you need an area designated as an office space.  This means an actual desk and chair to sit at and not just at the kitchen table.  But don't worry if you don't have an overly large home or room as you don't need an enormous amount of space to create your own Home Office, just a small nook or area that will fit a desk and chair.  Home Offices don't need to be boring either.  They are an area you'll spend a lot of time working at, so you want it to look good as well as being practical.  We've found these simple yet stylish ideas how you can create your own Home Office no matter the size or style of your space.

Tip: If your Home Office space is going to have over head shelving, then think about the background for your shelves as well as choice of material.  Wallpaper, exposed or painted brick, timber, concrete, or paint (whether feature paint colour or paint effects) are often easy ways to add interest to your Home Office.  Once you have selected the back ground, then think about the material you are going to use for the shelving as you want it to be a nice contrast against the back ground or blend in without looking too busy.  And don't forget less is more!  So if creating a feature back ground for your shelves and you've chosen to use pattern or texture as the feature, don't add too much ontop of your shelves and keep them simple to highlight the back ground.  If you don't have space for shelving or want a more minimalist look, then you can also use these back ground ideas for a feature wall within your Home Office.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Modesty White

Dulux White on White

Dulux Pre School 1/2

Porters Antique Blue

Porters Plum Haze

Porters Squid Ink

Dulux Precision Maximum
Strength Adhesion Primer

Dulux Design Collection
Chalkboard Black

Intergrain UltraClear

Vision Stockfast
J66500 Wallpaper


Eijffinger 389515


Concrete Panel Modern
Foundation IR70918 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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