Decorate With Real Copper and Iron Paint

Creating a copper or iron effect has become extremely popular in interior design recently. Not only can it be used on walls as a glamorous decorative feature, but it can also be used on furniture, decorative items, and even in the garden.


Real Copper Paint

Here are some fantastic creative ideas that you can play around with using our Haymes Real Copper Paint:



Real Iron Paint

Here are some fantastic creative ideas that you can play around with using our Haymes Real Iron Paint:


How To Apply the Paint

1. Wear protective gloves before starting.

2. Make sure the area being painted is clean and in sound condition. Very rough areas should be sanded smooth, and semi gloss and gloss finishes must be sanded to a dull finish.

3. Apply 1 coat of Haymes Acrylic Sealer Undercoat to porous surfaces. Allow to dry for 2 hours.

4. Mix thoroughly, then apply 2 coats by brush, or for a more textured surface, sand can be mixed into the paint prior to application. Allow to dry 2 hours between coats. 


Want a rustic aged look?

If you want a more rustic aged look with the copper or iron, you can actually achieve this. You will need to use a specially formulated oxidant - Haymes Designer Finishes Oxidising Patina. Because this product is corrosive, we are unable to ship it, but you should be able to pick it up from your local Haymes or hardware store.

The oxidant reacts with the copper and the iron in the paint to create a Copper Verdigris or rusted iron finish.

Besides creating an aged looking copper or iron wall, you can also paint all sorts of objects such as wall plaques, or old bottles or jars:

Any sort of decorative item or recycled object can be used, including a bowling ball that can be used as a garden decorative feature!

Or even an old door mat that can be painted and hung on the wall! The picture below has used white paint instead (but it is completely up to you what look you want to achieve) - you can get a similar look using our HaymesDesigner Finish Interior Special Paint 500ml.

How To:
1. Before using the oxidiser, make sure you are wearing appropriate protective gear, as it is a corrosive substance.
2. You should test your look on a piece of cardboard first to see how to achieve the level of aging you are after.
3. Once applying the paint and allowing it to dry, you can then load a brush with the oxidant & allow it to run over the painted surface.
4. Or you can soak a damp cloth in oxidant and wrap the cloth around the painted object, allowing it to soak into cracks, crevices & indentations of the object. The runs of the oxidising Patina are what create a look of age and wear.
5. You can apply a second or third coat to achieve a more obvious effect.
6. Or, for an instant rust of verdigris finish, apply the oxidant gently over the paint before it's totally dry.

Bear in mind that oxidising contines after the Oxidising Patina has dried.


Images courtest of Pinterest.