Choosing Exterior Colours for Character Homes

Many struggle with choosing exterior paint colours for Character Homes due to the amount of features and areas that need to be painted. It's always easiest to start from the top (roof) and work your way down. If you have exposed brick or stone, this also needs to be considered when selecting paint colours as they need to compliment each other as well as keeping these areas as a contrasting feature to the paint colours. It's always best to select your Colorbond or Powdercoat colours first (roof, gutters, roller door, windows) before finalising your wall and woodwork colours as these colour ranges are limited and it will then make the rest of your colour selections easier as you'll then know the tones and strengths of colour to select. Colorbond colours are also a good starting point even for paint colours as they've been tried and tested for exterior surroundings and lighting. Also if you need to replace your gutters or need to select any gates or screen doors in the future you can choose the matching Colorbond colour without having to change your entire colour scheme.

Tips: If you still want to retain the charm and character of the era of the home, it's best to choose a contrasting colour to your walls to highlight these features. Whereas if you want to modernise the facade then look at the option of painting out the detail the same colour as the walls. Just make sure you don't paint everything the same colour including all walls, windows, doors, gutters, fascias etc as you'll still want some feature somewhere to break up the block of colour and to create some interest.

Paint colour always lightens up outside in sunlight and natural daylight, so it's always best to choose the next darker shade to achieve the colour you want. And remember that where the colour is painted can also affect the depth of how the colour is perceived. Any areas that sit fowards such as mouldings, verandah posts etc will always look lighter than areas that are sitting back or under shelter such as windows or walls under verandahs etc as the lighting hits these areas differently.

Make choosing colours for Character Homes easier with these exterior colour schemes........

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Dulux Lexicon Half

Dulux Lime White (Trad.)

Haymes Koala Grey (Heri.)

Porters Snow Patrol

Haymes Med. Grey (Heri.)

Porters Squid Ink

Selleys Polyfilla X50
External Gap Sealant

Cabots Timbercolour
Deck & Exterior Paint

Dulux Rapid Finish
Low Sheen Exterior Paint

Anaglypta RD80099 Paintable Wallpaper

Structure Colourful Stone IR50001 Wallpaper

Bricks Modern Foundation IR72008 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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