Colour your Life!

Bright colours create excitement and are very uplifting to be around.  Anything bright stands out from the crowd and becomes a real eye catcher.  You always have fun with bright colours as they give you a sense of happiness & can even take you back to your child hood days (make you feel young again).  It's amazing how adding some colour to your room or your backyard can change the feel and get people talking! 

Before you get started you need the right tools.  First you need to decide what key elements/pieces you want to be colourful & become the eye opening feature.  Then you need to choose some bright coloured paint & paint away!  Haymes have made the job easier for small projects with their Haymes Dabs 250ml Acrylic Paints.  These are suitable for Interior & Exterior and come in a range of colours. If you can't see the colour you're after, then play around with mixing different colour paints until you acheive the colour you want.  And the best part is that these 250ml acylic paints are only $9.95 so are ideal to always have the basic primary colours sitting in your cupboard ready for your next small project.


We've found some ways on how you can colour your life with these painted project ideas.....


All images courtesy of Pinterest.