Coastal Style

The warmer weather is here and this is the time of the year when we all long to live by the beach.  Some of us are lucky enough to live seaside and those that don't can still create the feeling of Coastal Style quite easily in their own space.  When creating Coastal Style think about bright white and airy rooms as well as the use of soft coloured timbers, wicker, cane, bamboo and driftwoods.  Coastal Style is all about texture and sticking to a soft colour palette (like the colours of the seaside) and trying to maximise any water views and making these the real foacl point.  We have found some fresh Coastal ideas that will leave anyone feeling calm, relaxed and that they are on holiday all year round!

Tip: When working with an all white colour palette, think about using different tones of whites - like a slightly deeper tone on your walls to your ceilings and woodwork.  This will create contrast and interest to your space as well as high lighting any features especially if you have character skirtings, ceilings, doors etc.  By working with layers of colour in particular whites it gives your space a more welcome feeling and eliminates that cold sterile feeling many are afraid of creating.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Alpen

Dulux Lexicon Half

Colorbond Surfmist


Dulux Manorburn Double

Dulux Sea Angel

Haymes Light Grey

Zinsser Gardz Problem
Surface Sealer


Dulux Aquanamel Semi Gloss
Vivid White Bases


Porters Wood Wash
Standard Base


Milton & King Kemra KEM056W
Newport Wallpaper

Milton & King Kemra KEM044W
QLD Weather Boards Wallpaper

Milton & King Kemra KEM054W
Pally Post Office Wallpaper


Images sourced from Pinterest

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