Get Creative With Chalkboard Paint

It's time to get creative again. Chalkboard Paint is a fantastic medium to work with - you can apply it to almost anything - walls, furniture, decorative items, and the list goes on! We've put together some great ideas for you. 


You are not just limited to black

Black chalkboard paint, such as as our Dulux Design Collection Chalkboard Black can turn any wall into a blackboard. The deep black colour suits kitchens or childrens' rooms, and provides the perfect contrast to make bright chalk colours stand out. But, you are not just limited to black!

Any paintable surface can be transformed into a fun coloured chalkboard with our Dulux Design Coloured Chalkboard. It can be tinted to a whole range of bright colours, pretty much any colour that you can tint with a Dulux Ultra Deep Base.


Wall ideas

We've found a whole heap of amazingly creative walls that have been decorated using Chalkboard Paint:



Furniture ideas

You are not just limited to walls with Chalkboard Paint. Why not try out some of these awesome ideas:







Decorative items

This is where you can get the most creative - you are only limited to your own imagination!







How to

The paint is a water based flat sheen 100% acrylic for interior use only, and provides hardwearing properties. You can either roller or brush the paint on, and you will get a coverage of about 16m2 per L.

If you are painting over previously painted surfaces, ensure that it is smooth and free of defects. Lightly sand any glossy finishes, and clean marked walls by washing with sugar soap and rinse with water. Apply 1 coat of undercoat such as our Dulux 1 Step Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat to surfaces that have been repaired or which have an uneven gloss level.

For surfaces that aren't previously painted, such as wallboard, cement, brick, it is recommended to brush down to remove any surface dust, then apply an undercoat. For bare timber, sand smooth and dust off before applying undercoat. & for fibrous plaster & plasterglass, brush down to remove any surface dust before the undercoat.


All images courtesy of Pinterest.