Brown is the new Grey

Warm browns are the new Grey!  Grey hasn't gone away completely as it's still being paired back with these ever so popular warmer earthy tones, but it certainly has taken a back seat.  The great thing about this emerging colour is the warmth and how versatile this colour palette is.  Earthy colours are timeless and don't tend to date, so you can be assured that this colour scheme is going to look as great as it does now for many years to come.   Brown is the perfect colour to look at if you are wanting to create a neutral space, but with a bit of depth.  And there are so many variations of brown from soft latte colours right through to rust browns and walnuts.  Browns teams back perfectly with whites, blacks and greys and it's how you layer the colours that makes the difference.  Think of going monochromatic (different tones of brown) for depth and colour, or use accents of browns to create features within your space.  One thing we know is that brown has always been around, but it's back in the main spot light and bigger than ever before!

Tip: To create some interest in your space, think about using texture.  This can be added in furniture and decor, or even extended to walls and ceilings.  Timber and stone is an ideal choice of material for walls or ceilings as they are naturally in the brown tones, but if you are wanting an easier fix then think about textured paint.  Both Dulux and Porters have some interesting textured paints which come in a range of colour choices and easy to apply.  To create some of these looks, check out Porters Interno Lime Wash, Porters Fresco, Porters French Wash, Dulux Stone or Dulux Suede.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

Porters Cashmere

Dulux Grand Piano 1/4

Porters Irish Elk

Haymes Baked Clay

Porters Bacio

Frog Tape - Green

Simply Woodcare
Aqualac GP Clear

Porters French Wash
Standard Base

Terrazzo Evergreen
7372 Wallpaper


Soho Linen
MO21209 Wallpaper


Grassy Tile Evergreen
7358 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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