Bring the Outdoors in!

Adding plants to your interior not only adds greenery to your home, but also provides many health benefits.  It's proven that greenery helps you to breathe easier, increases humidity in the air which keeps respiratory distresses at bay, purifies the air and helps to sharpen your focus.  We've found some impressive ways to bring the outdoors in by adding greenery to your home.

Make your walls the canvas

Wanting to add a feature wall to your room, but unsure what to use?  Why not add plants!  A planter of herbs in the Kitchen can be an effective and practical way to add greenery to your room.  Or if you aren't home much and don't have the time to water indoor plants, plant lots of greenery outside in front of your windows.  Or add a mural to your wall.  Komar have some striking murals that have been inspired by greenery and an easy way of bringing the outdoors in: Komar 14 Mural - Sunday 8-519 & Komar 14 Mural - Ivy 4-324.

Mini Garden

If you have the space in your home, why not add your own mini garden!  Make use of the space under a stair well to plant your mini garden, or create your own spa experience with a tropical garden in your bathroom.

All images courtesy of Pinterest.