Bring out your wild side with African Style

Everyone has a bit of a wild side, so why not bring it out and add some African Style to your space?!  You can either have fun and go completely out there with African Style or tame it down and use it to create a sophisticated space.  Which ever is your taste, we are sure these African Style ideas will have you roaring with excitement.

Tip: When creating African Style, think big on natural textures & materials, African inspired bold prints and either a soft paint palette or a dramatic paint palette.  Keep your colours muted and earthy with accents of black and brown.


Want to create African Style yourself?

You can quite easily achieve African Style yourself with these paint colours and wallpapers.

Dulux Thatched Grass


Dulux Stonecrop

Dulux Spiced Nutmeg


Dulux Log Cabin

Haymes Night Moves


Dulux Namadji

Art of Living 49402 Wallpaper


Art of Living 49453 Wallpaper


Grasscloth Wallpaper

Komar 14 Mural - African Sunset 4-501

Images courtesy of Pinterest

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