Brick Walls

To paint or not to paint - that is the question.... when it comes to interior Brick Walls.  Brick is still a current trend and a well used choice of material when it comes to feature walls.  Some people like exposed Brick and some people hate it.  If exposed raw Brick is not your thing then the easy and affordable option is to cover it over with paint.  But if you have a love towards the Brick then flaunt it and show it off as a feature.  How you choose to show off or hide your Brick mades the world of difference when it comes to the look and feel you are creating within your space.  If Industrial is the look you are going for then opt to leave your Brick rustic and raw for that edgy natural element to your space.  Whereas if you are going for more of a light, airy, minimalistic look then block out the Brick with a neutral coloured paint like a White to give your space that less is more feeling.  Whichever is your style, check out these examples of how to make Brick work best for you and your space.......

Tip: Whether you decide to leave your Brick in its natural state or to paint over it, we have the right coatings to protect your Brick. If you are wanting to protect your natural Brick from stains, damage to substrate and UV rays, then Crommelin Enhance Water-Based is the product to use!  It has a clear satin to gloss finish to highlight to enhance the natural tones of Brick as well as being highly water repellent.  If you choose to paint over your Brick instead, this can easily be done by applying a suitable undercoat like Dulux 1 Step Acrylic PSU and then 2 coats of topcoat such as Dulux Wash & Wear or Haymes Interior Expressions. If still stuck for product advice, send us an email to and we will be able to assist you further.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Alpen

Dulux Snowy Mountains 1/4

Dulux White on White

Haymes Swan Sea

Dulux Nursery

Dulux Wayward Grey

HyStik 3 Day
Masking Tape

Crommelin Enhance

Dulux Wash
& Wear Matt

Vision Stockfast
J71408 Wallpaper


Vision Stockfast
J66500 Wallpaper


Komar 15 Mural
Backstein 8-741

Images sourced from Pinterest

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