Bench Tops

Bench Tops and Islands can really make or break your kitchen / bathroom / piece of furniture.  If you are building or renovating and are in the process of selecting all your materials, you first need to decide what you want to become the main feature - do you want the bench top, joinery or spalsh back to be the focal point?  Once you have established this, then you'll know where the pattern and texture needs to be and where to go plain everywhere else.  Check out some of these striking bench top and island ideas....

Tip: Choose your bench tops and other materials first before chosing paint colours.  This makes the whole selection process easier as there are thousands of paint colours and only a few options in terms of bench tops / materials.  Also then you'll know to get the tones correct and won't end up having to repaint your space!


Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Haymes Modesty White


Haymes Marble Mist



Dulux Beige Royal Half



Dulux Silver Tea Set


Dulux Feather Soft



Dulux Winter Fog


Intergrain Ultraclear Interior


Dulux Concrete Effect Paint


Crommelin Stain Repel


Milton & King Kemra Marble

KEM066W Wallpaper


Milton & King Kemra Heritage Tiles

KEM060W Wallpaper

Zepel Metal Plate

12- Plaza Wallpaper


Images sourced from Pinterest

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