Bench Seating

The perfect alternative to the dining chair or sofa is Bench Seating.  Not only is Bench Seating very practical, but also an ideal option if space is not on your side.  Bench Seating can come in all shapes and sizes as well as comfort levels.  Bench Seating can either be very simple and just used for seating or can be a little more complicated and have another function such as storage or part of your joinery structure.  And if you really want to liven up your space, then why not make Bench Seating an accent piece to a room by highlighting it with bold fabrics or striking materials like timber, stone, metal or concrete.  Bench Seating can even be used in both interior and exterior settings, making it a very versatile option when you are needing extra seating or to fill an empty space, nook or cranny.  You can never really have too much seating, so why not add some Bench Seating to your space with these adaptable ideas!?

Tip: When choosing the right Bench Seat for your space, think about it's location and how it is going to be used.  If your Bench Seating is in your dining area, then you may want the seat to be made of timber or another practical material to give warmth while sitting on it but also making it very easy to wipe down and clean.  Or if comfort is important, then consider adding a seat cushion made from an outdoor fabric or a man made fabric that doesn't absorb spills quickly.  Whatever material you choose to make your Bench Seating out of (concrete, timber, stone etc), we'll have the right coating to help protect it.  If unsure what coating to use, send us an email to and we'll point in you the right direction on what products to use.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Cotton Boll

Haymes Modesty White

Porters Ashen

Dulux Natural White

Porters Clay Pit

Dulux Grid

Porters Palm Beach

Dulux Wash&Wear +
Superhide Low Sheen White

Cabots Cabothane Clear
Matt Water Based

Zepel Metal Plate
13-Fossil Wallpaper


Serendipity SD101152


Komar 15 Mural
Backstein 8-741

Images sourced from Pinterest

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