Beach Houses

There are many decorating styles when it comes to Beach Houses.  Just because your home is on the beach it doesn't necessarily mean you have to stick to the blue, yellow and white colour palette that many think of when they think beachy.  Neutrals work well with coastal views and you can still mix modern Industrial with the beach.  Which ever style you choose, opt for natural materials (whether in their natural raw state or coated) to compliment what is outside.  If you have amazing views of the beach, then try to capture these and make them the feature within your space.  Keep furniture low-line and simple as well as keeping your windows unobstructed to really enhance the beach views.

Tip: Beach Homes look best if the interior is kept light and airy.  Accents of blacks and charcoals are perfect to add depth within a Beach Home space but make sure you keep some lighter elements such as wall colour, flooring, furniture etc.  If you do prefer the more darker colours, then add warmth to your Beach Home space with the addition of textural elements such as rattan, wicker, sisal and timbers.  If you are using coastal views as the feature within your space, the colours of outside can change each season so consider this when looking at your colour palette.  If keeping your colour scheme all white and grey, during the winter months when outside looks grey you may find your space looking a little more drab.  Small hints of colour in accessories is a good way to eliminate that cold stark feeling you may feel during the cooler months with a neutral Beach Home interior.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Alpen

Porters Popcorn

Dlx Snowy Mountains 1/4

Dulux Casper White

Haymes Pale Mushroom 2

Porters Panther

Dulux Precision Stain
& Mould Blocker

Simply Woodcare
Aqualac GP Clear

Crommelin Enhance

Distressed Wood Tile Modern
Foundation IR71510 Wallpaper


Brushed Cement Luxe
Revival RH20308 Wallpaper


Structure Granite
IR52105 Wallpaper

Images sourced from Pinterest

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