Be Inspired by Awards Season 2016

Awards Season (Golden Globes, Oscars, Grammies etc) may be an American thing, but it's watched all over the world and is renown for its fashion, colour and gowns.  We've already had a couple of months full of major award ceremonies and more to come, but we can sit back and be influenced by the red carpet and what it has brought us.... and this can be a great inspiration for your interior/space.  We show you how you can bring some of the latest fashion from the red carpet into your interior/space.

There has definitely been a trend with colour on the red carpet as well as lace being very popular.  These colours and materials can easily be adapted into your interior/space and can be a great inspiration when decorating.


Sultry Red

Dulux Lady In Red

Dulux Symphony Red

Haymes Asmara

Dulux Red Stop


Emerald Green



Haymes Le Mer


Haymes Collen's Cote


Haymes Nordic Sea


Haymes Water Jug





Dulux International


Dulux Mystification


Haymes Regency


Haymes Iced Chiffon




Haymes Tyler's Truck

Haymes Amber Flame

Haymes Poppy Orange

Dulux Bright Delight





Milton & King Kemra Hunting Lace KEM013W


Milton & King Kemra Amityville KEM024W


Komar Into Illusions Mural Tile XXL4-005


 Images courtesy of Pinterest

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