Add some Christmas spirit to your home...

Christmas is that time of the year we all love to fill our homes with decorations and lights.  Whether we are trying to impress our guests or get in the Christmas mood, decorating your home for Christmas can be a lof of fun and can take you back to your childhood.  When preparing your home for Christmas it's best to stick to a theme as this will make the planning and decorating part easy and more enjoyable.  We've created three simple Christmas decorating themes and show you ways to add some Christmas spirit to your home this Christmas.

Black & White

Black and white is a very timeless colour combination and can either be made contemporary or traditional.  If your home is contemporary, add hints of silver or a bold colour (like yellow) for interest otherwise if traditional is more your style add accents of gold to the black & white.  Or if keeping everything black and white, why not try a white Christmas tree or if wanting to create more drama a black tree. 

Black & White themed food recipes:

Chocolate Crinkles

Bite-Sized Party Bark


Do you love rustic timbers, natural fibres and everything to do with nature?  Then a Rustic Christmas theme will be perfect for your home this Christmas.  Be creative and make your own simple decorations using hession, jute, twigs, timber and other natural materials.  The more simple the decoration, the more effective and in keeping with the Rustic theme.  And add some of the Rustic charm to your gift wrapping by finishing it with some bluegum or pine needles.  The great thing about going Rustic is that most of the personal touches you can find outside and won't cost a cent!

Rustic themed food recipes:

Wild Mushroom in Puff Pastries

Mulled Apple Cider

Red & Green

Red and green is generally the colour combination most think of when they think of Christmas.  There are many decorations available in these colour combinations, so this is probably one of the easiest themes to create.  You can still be creative and think outside the square with these red and green ideas.

Green & red themed food recipes:

Pomegranate, Pear & Avocado Salad

Santa Crunch Popcorn

All images courtesy of Pinterest.