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Nowadays the Television is a staple to any Living Room.  Our lives have become focused around the TV and with open plan living designs we now tend to do our daily activities whilst watching TV.  So why not make your TV a feature in your room?!  Long gone are the days of sitting your TV where ever you have spare bench space as many are now designing rooms around their TV when it can be done tastefully and part of your overall Interior Design.  Modern living is all about keeping out the clutter and sticking to clean lines without the fuss and this can apply too when it comes to TV design and where you place your TV in your room.  Check out these stylish ideas in TV designs and how you can make your TV a sophisticated feature in your space......

Tip: When considering the best type of TV design for your space think about the surface that is going behind your TV.  You don't want anything too busy otherwise it will distract the eye away from the TV when it is being watched.  For example, we wouldn't suggest placing a mirror above your TV as moving reflection will be a huge distraction.  Lighting is also another important thing to consider as well as placement of windows and doors as glare from lighting and sunlight can also impact TV viewing.  And if your space is lacking in storage then think about incorporating storage into your TV design, whether it is consealed joinery around your TV for that clean line seamless look or storage to the side, below or above your TV.  And to really create interest with your TV design, mix up your materials and opt to use a combination of timber, marble, conrete, metal, stone and tile.  Your TV design doesn't have to be symmetrical either, so think about placing your TV off centre and if you're wanting to make your space feel longer, then add a very long low-line or above cupboards to help create the perception of length to your space.  Or if you have low ceilings, then add vertical elements to your TV design such as timber panels hung vertical to give the overall feeling of more height.

Create these looks yourself with these paint colours and products:

Porters Savage Silk

Haymes White on White

Porters Plaster of Paris

Haymes Greyology 7

Dulux Grey Master

Porters Riverstone

Dulux Concrete
Effect Paint

Porters Wood Wash
Deep Base

Dulux Theatre
Black Paint

Zepel Feature Wall
02-Fossil Wallpaper


Vision 939545 Factory 3
Rasch Wallpaper


Komar Pure P040-VD4
Marble Black

Images sourced from Pinterest

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