How to bring the beach home

Most of us love spending our Summer time at the beach.  Playing in the sun, sand between our toes and feeling the fresh sea breeze on our skin.... being at the beach seems to have an instant calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body.  Want to bring some of this serenity into your own home?  We show you how easy it can be to create yourself so you can enjoy beach side living everyday no matter where you live.

Beach House

Do you love neutrals and textures?  Then create your own Beach House with natural timbers, woven wicker and driftwoods.  Keep everything white and bright and use your textures to inject interest.  You don't have timber panelling at home?  Then create it yourself with these realistic wallpapers from Milton & King:

Milton & King Kemra Newport KEM056W Wallpaper

Milton & King Kemra Pally Post Office KEM054W Wallpaper

Milton & King Kemra QLD Weather Boards KEM044W Wallpaper




Sail away to another island with these Carribean inspired room ideas.  Warm timbers, natural basket weaves and grasscloths, palm trees and leafy greenery are used to complete this look.  Use these wallpapers & mural to take you away to another paradise:

Komar 14 Mural - Maldives 8-240

Marimekko Volume 02 Putkinotko Wallpaper

Grasscloth Wallpaper




When you think of the beach, blues are generally the first colour that seems to string into the mind.  Layer different tones of blues and greens to create the look of the ocean.  Why not create a nautical feel to your home with these water inspired colour schemes and ideas  Or if you're feeling really bold then have fun with these water inspired wallpapers:

Zepel Swimming Pool Wallpaper

Marimekko Volume 02 Silkkikuikka Wallpaper


Swing Away

Hammocks not only provide extra seating/bedding but are also great for small areas and places without much floor space.  Swing away and start dreaming about being at the beach and having the sand at your feet.  Why not add a hammock indoors to give you even more of that coastal feeling!?

All images courtesy of Pinterest.