Graco FinishPro GX 19 Electric Airless Sprayer


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Introducing the newest portable and affordable solution for fine finish spraying—airless piston pump technology. Airless technology in the FinishPro GX19 combines Graco's proven piston with the RAC X Fine Finish SwitchTip to quickly lay down a smooth finish. The FinishPro GX19 features the ProXChange Pump, the fast and easy on-the-job pump replacement—no tools required.

The FinishPro GX19 is the fast, portable and affordable solution for small finishing jobs that every finishing contractor encounters.

  • Presicion-cut RAC X Fine Finish SwitchTip

    • Pre-orifice design produces finer atomization at lower pressures

    • Allows for fast application of materials

    • Delivers a softer, more controlled spray fan

    • Ability to quickly clear tip clogs

    • Switching tips to change fan width is simple and quick

    • Includes solvent seal for extremely hot solvents

  • 1.5 Gallon Hopper

    • Ideal for spraying small amounts of material

    • Smooth inside surface cleans up fast

    • Lid included for spill-proof portability

    • Hopper easily attaches to sprayer without tools for easy cleaning

  • ProX Power-Piston Pump featuring ProXChange

    • Small deadband pressure ensures the finest finish possible

    • Exceptional durability and long life piston pump

    • Exclusive lifetime lubricated wiper pad for maintenance free operation

    • Modular pump components for easy maintenance

    • Fast and easy on-the-job pump replacement—no tools needed

    • Eliminate labor costs and down time expenses

  • FTx Spray Gun with RAC X Fine Finish SwitchTip

    • Form fitted handle provides maximum control and comfort

    • EasyOut 100-mesh gun filter included to minimize tip clogs and protect finish

    • Precision-cut RAC X Fine Finish SwitchTip included for more control

    • EasyGlide Swivel provides maximum flexibility for effortless hose management

  • Extremely Portable

    • Lighter than any competitive system

    • Easy Carry Handle makes transportation easy

    • Lid prevents splashes and spills while carrying