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Express Lambswool Floor Applicator

Express Lambswool Floor Applicator

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The Express Lambswool Floor Applicator is an injection moulded plastic with dimensions of 230mm x 75mm. Combined with our Australian Merino Lambswool
Applicator pad, this tool is great for applying floor coatings to timber, cork, wood, slate and decking.

Designed in Australia, the floor Applicator is designed to achieve the best possible finish whilst using a variety of floor coatings suited for your needs. Simple to
use, and provides a no mess, no fuss approach to DIY floor coating. Using Australian Premium Lambswool, expect a professional looking floor surface every time.

This Floor applicator is reusable, so just replace the Express Lambswool Applicator pad after each use. We sell Express Applicator pads separately.

For application of floor coatings using this tool, please refer below:



1. Prior to the initial use, wash the Express lambswool applicator in the appropriate reducer (solvent or water) to remove any loose fibres.

2. The preferred method of application is known as the ‘Swish’ technique. In this method a small puddle of the product is poured on to the floor.   Spread using slow & long strokes – Do not apply excessive pressure! This will avoid overspreading and ensure sufficient material is being applied.

3. The secrets of successful floor finishing are in achieving a good and even film build. Finishing should always be in the direction of the floorboards with light strokes along the grain.

4. It is advisable to use the Express lambswool applicator from a standing position to ensure an even and consistent finish over the area being coated. The Express Pole is specifically designed and recommended for this purpose.

5. Thoroughly wash the Express lambswool applicator in the appropriate reducer, rinse in clean water and leave to dry.

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