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It’s that time of year again! With the financial year coming to a close, you may be thinking about stocking up on your favourite products while all the sales are on, or you may have extra funds in your budget that must be spent! Whatever the reason, check out all the incredible deals our suppliers are offering below.

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Receive up to $1,000 Ca$h Back in your pocket, or redeem Wagner Accessories valued up to $1,000 when you purchase a selected Wagner Unit.

To find out what you can redeem on each unit, please go into the product you wish to purchase and see the description.

Find out more about how to redeem HERE.


Graco have selected units on sale for a discounted price for a limited time only. You can find which units are on sale by following this link HERE and viewing the Sale icon on each unit.

Polyfilla BTW Sale

Polyfilla Professional are offering you the chance to win a $5,000 fuel voucher this tax time. All you need to do is purchase $30 or more of Polyfilla Professional Products and enter your details HERE to go into the running to win.

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Dulux are offering discounted prices for a wide range of items. You can find these items located in our Specials Category HERE.


Festool are offering free stock with selected Festool Units. To find out which units are included in the 2023 End of Financial Year Sale, please follow the link HERE.