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Dulux UltraAir Interior Walls Low Sheen is a low emission low odour water based paint. This product is also certified to GREENGUARD Gold and has a low VOC of <0.5g/L VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) untinted and tinted with Decorama tinters tested to APAS Australian Testing Standards at Bell Laboratories.

Dulux UltraAir is available in a complete system of Interior Walls Low Sheen, Interior Primer and Ceiling White. This allows the achievement of the full benefits of an Ultra Low Chemical Emission Paint. In terms of its application, it is recommended to use 1-2 coats of the Interior Primer (depending on the porosity of the surface), 2 coats of Interior Walls and 2 coats of Ceiling White. The gloss level property of this paint is 0-20 at 60 degrees.

The product is GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certified under Scheme A7

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