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Dripless ETS3000 Industrial Caulking Gun


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Product Description:


  • Dripless ETS 3000 Contractor Grade Caulk GunDesigned for the professional, ERGO/TECH guns address weight, balance and stress while applying caulk and sealants. The grip has been designed to keep the wrist in a natural and balanced position, while the squeeze handle comfortably accommodates the fingers and allows them to guide smoothly over its surface.

       * 100% patented Dripless feature
       * 18:1 ratio
       * Engineered ergonomic construction
       * Rotating barrel
       * Rugged composite construction
       * Reinforced cage for extra strength
       * Sharp precision cutter
       * Extra long clean out
       * Drip/No Drip feature for bead control
       * Recommended for use with all caulks, construction adhesives including polyurethanes,
       * Concrete masonary and roofing sealants.