Cabot's Benchtop Clear 1lt


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Cabot's Benchtop Clear Water Based is a highly durable, heat* and stain resistant, fast drying varnish that is safe for use on living area and kitchen timber bench tops when the surface is fully cured. Once fully cured, it is resistant to chemicals, oils and heat from hot cups/mugs.

*Note: Not suitable for chopping boards, food container or utensils, nor designed to withstand heat from hot saucepans. As it is water based, it is fast drying, low odour and clean up is easy. Cabot's
Benchtop Clear Water Based also performs as a clear topcoat over Cabot's Interior Stain Water Based.

  • Food Safe

  • Resists Stains

  • Enhances Timber Grain

  • Low Odour & Non-Yellowing

  • Heat Resistant